Our mission is to provide and establish a unique, informative and interesting avenue into history, culture and industry within the district. To research and promote our local district and history, thereby inspiring community involvement.

Noojee Heritage Centre Project Overview and Plans


The proposed Noojee Heritage Project Centre will be a multi-purpose development. The project aims to build on the history, setting, character, proximity to Melbourne and established tourism orientated businesses in the township, to provide a historic and interpretive centre and functional building on the site of the former Noojee Railway Station.

Through 5 stages the Noojee and District Historical Society aims to complete the  development of workshops, a turntable, timber mill, cultural centre, station and railway lines and carriages.

An overview of the stages is described below.

Stage 1:

-Construction of a replica Railway Station

-Reinstated railway line.

-Landscaped gardens to the east and west of the station platform.

-Relocation of train and development of static display.

Stage 2:

-Construction of a Goods Shed.

-Construction of a car park.

Stage 3 and 4:

-Construction of workshops 1 and 2.

-Construction of early settlers camp.

-Recreation of railway tracks.

-Construction of Heritage and Cultural Centre.

-Construction of Old Mill Site.

-Construction of turntable.

Stage 5:

-Reconstruction of rail to Trestle Bridge.

Overview and Plans
Overview and Plans