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Tribute to Graham Brown

The Noojee and District Historical Society would like to pay tribute and send our condolences to the entire Brown family after the recent passing of Graham Brown.

He passed away on March 2nd, 2013 and the funeral service was held on March 8th with the entire Brown family in attendance.

Austin Graham Brown was born in 1931 on the 23rd of September. He was a kind gentleman and everyone held him in the highest regard. Family was the most important thing to him. From birthdays, Christmases to many other celebrations throughout the year, Mr. Brown was always there with the biggest smile on his face. He would always greet you by name and smile at you from across the lunch table.

He was a man that always came through each challenge with his head held high. When he lost his father in December of 1938 he became the man of the family and then within a few months the 1939 fires roared through his home and everything was gone. They couldn't rebuild, so Mr. Brown lived with the Nielson's in Warragul and his sisters were taken care of by their aunties in Melbourne until their Mother got better. The family was soon reunited and they settled into their house in Melbourne. When Graham was 14 years old he went to work at Collins Mill in Noojee and then moved to Collins Mill at Tanjil Bren. There, he met Shirley. Shirley would watch the light cast out from his lantern as he walked in pure darkness along the tram line to his friends house 3 or 4 houses down from where she lived. When they met, it was a friendship that soon blossomed and the love that grew never faltered in all the years they had together.

When Graham and Shirley had each of their children, Graeme and Julie, he was delighted.  He was always a quiet and reserved man, but when each of his children were born he walked around with great pride.

Mr. Brown would work 5 days up at Erica at Morgans Mill and even though life had its ups and downs, weekends were always family time. Whether it was going for picnics with a basket full to the brim with food or going to Essendon Airport to pick up Claire on a Sunday afternoon, weekends were what the family looked forward too. When Mr. Brown built the shed up at Noojee, the family would spend their weekends up at Noojee.

He built a flat in part of the shed and the family lived there for 5 years untill he built the family home where it stands today. He rebuilt the sawmill from scratch and managed it on top of the hill behind the house.

He was a strong and giving man. He didn't like to be made a fuss of but he would always ask for his cup of tea.

He is an inspiration to us all, but especially to his son Graeme, who took over the sawmill 12 years  ago. To this day, not a day has been missed, nor a problem that wasn't fixed. You only had to look at his face when they discussed things over the lunch table to know that the smile spreading across his face was of sheer pride in what he and his family had accomplished over the years in what has been kept in the Brown family for many generation.

To a husband, father, brother and Poppy, you will be forever loved dearly by all those that knew you.

Tribute to Graham Brown