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Jurassic Park

In 1964 Jack Kelly recieved permission from the Forrestry Commision to acquire the large Bull Tree Ferns required to construct the dinosaurs for the Noojee Pub managed by Clem Dunn.

Over a period of 4 to 6 months the Jurassic Park of its day grew into quite an attraction.

The T-Rex was sculptured at Chelsea in Sections because of its size; then assembled in front of the Noojee Pub where it became a well known tourism feature especially to those visiting the snow fields.

Even today people still remember the dinosaur which stood strong, proud near the front of the Pub for such a long time.

The Jurassic Park at the back of the Pub set amongst the lush greenery of the mountains and stream was an image that stepped back in time when dinosaurs would have roamed the earth.

Jack returned to the scene in December 2010 for his 88th birthday where he was made to feel at home by the new proprietors, who treated him extremely well.

Jack sadly passed away a year later on December 9th, 2011; only 6 days after his 89th birthday.

He loved the Australian bush so much after growing up in Powelltown and working with timber all his life.

He is sadly missed. His unique creative talent remains with us, with many sculptures enjoyed in the family.

On behalf of the Noojee and District Historical Society we would like to thank the Kelly family for kindly donating the story and photographs for publication on our website.

The story and photographs will have a reserved place in the future museum to be housed in the old station building.

Noojees Jurassic Park