Our mission is to provide and establish a unique, informative and interesting avenue into history, culture and industry within the district. To research and promote our local district and history, thereby inspiring community involvement.

Local History

Searching for historic atefacts

Above: Leanne Nicholls and her daughter Ashley exploring the bush for old artefacts.

Leanne Nicholls and her daughter Ashley are part of the Noojee and District Historical Society's local walking and exploring group that dedicate their spare time to looking for old, lost treasures in the Noojee and surrounding districts bush.

Instead of walking aimlessly through the thick bushland, their job is made easier with the aid of land and contour maps supplied by the local DSE, which show the old mill sites that have only recently become visible due to the devastation caused by the Black Saturday fires.

Leanne says "its a great way to experience and share special times with her family."

The experience of exploring and finding artefacts becomes addictive, especially in areas which have been hidden for over 70 years or more.

Leanne's whole family takes part and the kids just love it!

Currently the walking and exploring group has uncovered various spot mill tram line artifacts.