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Help Bring the Train to Noojee

Play a part in helping the Noojee and district Historical Society bringing to iconic J-550 steam loco to Noojee.

This train will have a reserved spot in its rightful place at the Noojee Heritage Project Centre, which will be situated on the original parcel of land that started off in 1919 as a railway siding and operated until March 27th, 1954 when it was closed. This piece of land has stood vacant since then, but on December 9th, 2011 its management and development was handed over to the Noojee and District Historical Society, who's aims are to restore the site back to its former glory, guided by comprehensive copies of the original blue print plans of 1913. The Society has been in a long 6 year struggle with D.S.E to hand over the control of the land previously mentioned, this event was a first agreement of its type with the Department of Sustainability and Environment. We feel that this project will have a huge potential in creating an interesting avenue into our bygone era of the past and in turn secure our history for all future generations.

The intention of this article is to ask and seek help from any interested parties, in helping us to bring the J-550 to our historic town of Noojee. The total cost of the move has been quoted at around $40,000. The Societies aim is to move the train as soon as possible and start cosmetic restoration straight away with the final plan to do a full restoration long term as funding becomes available.

We have been in negotiations with the Baw Baw Shire for over 9 months in an attempt to acquire the train and after a long and dragged out process finally in February 2012 the shire made it public that they would take expressions of interest  for any parties or groups that would be interested to remove the train.

In early April all applications were processed, listing 5 interested parties, one of which was the Noojee and District Historical Society. On the 11th April, 2012 there was a council chamber meeting to decide the fate of the J-550. After extensive debate we are pleased to say that the Noojee and District Historical Society was successful in its application and the rest is now history.

We have learnt as a group that nothing comes east but the worthwhile things in life are worth the fight. We ask again for all interested parties that would like to help us with funding to move the J-550 to Noojee and take its place as a deserved icon at the heritage centre.

All Donations will be most welcomed.

Any correspondence should be made out to The Noojee and District Historical Society:

C/o Post Box 78 Noojee 3833

Contact Person:  William Langoor Development Co-ordinator and founder

Of the Noojee and District Historical Society     w.langoor@gmail.com    Phone: (03) 56289502