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A Dream Is Born - Poem By Anna Harvey


"A Dream is Born"

A poem by Anna Harvey

A valley of shadows and strange ghostly fogs,

With fern laden banks and moss covered logs,

The wind in the tree tops whispers and sighs,

Sometimes quite shrill with its plaintive cries,

Our tall gums stand majestic and proud,

Up and down hills, they gather and crowd,

With sparkling rivers that run through our town,

Their gold speckled beds glitter as the sun looks down,

The rippling water is eager to run,

Darting this way and that, like a race to be won,

The bush has a language all of its own,

As old as the earth, ours only on loan,

Our town is special all on its own,

But something was needed, a seed to be sown,

One man had an idea that turned into a dream,

But to make that dream happen he needed a team,

From a dream came a vision of what could be done,

For our heritage, our children, lifestyle, learning and fun,

This vision has now become something real,

We got land, we were happy but now a new deal,

Excitement is growing, the words got around,

The trains coming to Noojee, a new homes been found.